Talent Transition

Engageability supports organisations through the transition or exit of employees through providing:


  • Exit surveys

  • Exit interviews

  • Career transition programs


Transitioning employees in an open and empathetic manner has been proven to not only boost engagement of remaining team members but also deliver valuable learnings that can support the business in improving retention and engagement.


Our exit survey tool provides detailed analysis of the push and pull factors resulting in the employees decision to terminate their employment and results in an exit interview that is meaningful and provides valuable insights that can be used by human resources and business leaders to minimise future attrition.


Exiting employees are most likely to provide authentic and detailed feedback when debriefing with an independent third party and our clients often engage us to conduct the follow up exit interviews for employees that have completed the exit survey. 


We have delivered career transition programs to both individuals and entire teams. Our program graduates enter the next phase of their careers with increased confidence in navigating the job market and representing themselves to potential employers.