Talent Attraction

Our Talent Attraction solutions give organisations the tools to develop and deliver talent acquisition policies and processes that attract, engage and retain top talent.


We work with you through our diagnostic tool to understand current processes, challenges, opportunities and ongoing requirements to ensure we deliver long-term solutions that ensure you are best placed to identify top talent, engage with the talent market and attract and retain high performers that are a fit for your culture and ongoing business requirements.


We develop metrics in consultation with our clients to measure the immediate and long term impact of our solutions and work with you to ensure outcomes are producing sustained bottom line results through the support of existing recruitment practices or implementation of new solutions. Our products and services are innovative and industry leading and we are continually building new solutions to keep in front of trends, business objectives and market conditions.


We have a suite of tools and resources that we deliver on either a project or long term partnership basis including the following:

  • Talent Acquisition Audits

  • Talent Acquisition Policy and Process Design, Training & Implementation

  • High Performance Benchmarking & Behavioural Profiling

  • Psycometric Assessments

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessments

  • Employer Branding and EVP Development

  • Early Engagement Assessments

  • Interview Skills Training