Profile... Nicola Floyd - Director of Engageability

This we week are getting to know a little more about Engageability’s Director – Nicola Floyd. We started by asking her what gets her out of bed in the morning….

Other than my two small children who ensure I am up bright and early…! I love what I do – no two days are the same and I get incredible satisfaction from making a difference; not only in the businesses we work with but seeing the impact this has on people lives.

I was drawn to recruitment initially as I thrived in an environment where I got to help people at one of the most challenging times in their lives while at the same time working in a commercial setting where I was driven to get results and meet targets. Job searching can be stressful, challenging and leave people feeling vulnerable. It can also be a significant, positive turning point in a person’s life. Being part of this journey and supporting people through it, presenting opportunities they might not otherwise have found is incredibly rewarding.

Engageability was born out of a desire to help company’s do a better job of recruiting themselves. Both as a Recruiter and in many years of applying for jobs myself, I witnessed the ways that companies were engaging and disengaging job seekers. As more companies were attempting to inhouse the recruitment function I saw an opportunity to help them do a better job of attracting and engaging top talent that are a fit for their organisation.

In the last five years though what we do has expanded. I have been lucky enough to have worked with some amazing companies on projects that span the entire employee lifecycle. At the moment a lot of the work I’m doing is in Leadership Development – an area that I am particularly passionate about. I have worked for some incredible Leaders over the course of my career… and of course some Managers that lacked leadership ability.

The impact of both cannot be overstated – from striving to do things we never thought possible for a Leader that inspires us to achieve more than we ever thought ourselves capable of to the pervasive effects that being disengaged and demotivated has on our personal lives, career motivation and even mental health. Skills can be taught but the work we are doing in Leadership Development is helping Managers and future Managers ensure they are demonstrating the behaviours that are going to motivate and engage their teams to put in the discretionary effort that is essential for high performance.

I love the fact that we are a small business… it enables us to be nimble, to continually innovate and to create customised solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. We will continue to source and create game changing solutions as the new decade brings new challenges and opportunities in attracting, developing and retaining top talent.