How we work with Carrera to ensure you select the best fit for each new hire

Recruitment has changed significantly since Carrera was born in 2002. The market knowledge and relationships that are so critical to Carrera’s ability to match candidates with the right employers remain central to its success today. In recent years though we have seen a greater focus on using science to support hiring processes and decisions – that’s where Engageability comes in. Engageability are talent management experts. We don’t recruit but we work side by side with Carrera – and many employers themselves – by providing tools and processes that support the recruitment process.

The cost of making the wrong hiring decision is difficult to accurately define but is estimated to be anywhere from one to three times the employees annual salary package. Yet too often decisions are made without due consideration, processes are circumvented, hiring managers select candidates that they ‘like’… these circumstances and many more that we see occurring over and over again result in employers hiring the wrong candidate – setting both themselves and the individual up for failure from day one.

Engageability works with Carrera throughout the recruitment process to help clients take some of the ambiguity out of decision making. We provide a range of assessment tools that assist by putting some science behind the process of selecting the best candidate for each role. Our Consultants are accredited in the delivery of a range of different tools including:

- Behavioural Profiling & Job Fit Assessments

- Personality Assessments

- Emotional Intelligence Profiling

We are continuing evaluating new tools and choose those that are evidence based, with the highest predictors of accuracy and most valuable information in understanding fit to role. These tools are simple to understand, can be run easily and quickly in line with the recruitment process and provide critical insights not only into the individual’s fit to their role but more importantly understanding key strengths and development needs for new employees. We work closely with our clients to ensure they are able to interpret the information accurately and use it to effectively onboard and develop new hires.

We further support our clients throughout their talent acquisition requirements with services such as recruitment and interview skills training programs for Line Managers, talent acquisition process audits, development of induction and onboarding programs and employer branding strategy development. Let’s chat about how we can help you to ensure you are hiring the best talent for your business.