A New Era for Engageability!

Engageability celebrated its 5th birthday last year – a milestone largely overlooked due to the recent arrival of a new family member but one that is certainly worth reflecting on and celebrating. Now, as we embark on a new stage in this journey, we are looking forward to sharing more of the work we have been doing and game changing new services on the horizon.

Starting life thanks to an opportunity we saw back then to help internal recruitment functions do a better job of attracting top talent; Engageability has grown quickly and evolved to be a full service talent management consultancy. We are driven by a passion for optimising the performance of businesses through people – having the right people in the right roles is proven to bring increases in engagement, productivity, retention and ultimately profitability.

Today Engageability offers services and solutions that cover the entire talent lifecycle. Our solutions are all customised to address your unique challenges and opportunities across the following:


We work with you through our diagnostic tool to understand current processes, challenges, opportunities and ongoing requirements to ensure we provide sustained outcomes that ensure you are best placed to identify top talent, engage with the talent market and attract and retain high performers that are a fit for your culture and ongoing business requirements.


We approach employee engagement from a business transformation perspective – investigating to understand critical business objectives and measures and how engagement impacts on the delivery of these objectives to ensure our solutions deliver maximum value.


We work with business leaders to understand both immediate and long-term objectives in maximising current team performance and ensuring best possible structures and people are in place now and into the future to support the achievement of organisational objectives.


We deliver career transition programs to both individuals and entire teams; supporting exiting employees through a process of resume design, personal branding, job search and networking skill development and interviewing skills.

The challenges we address can be complex but we offer solutions that are simple and effective with as much support as required in implementing, monitoring and embedding changes. In the coming weeks we will be sharing more case studies and insights into how to maximise the potential of your people. In the meantime please get in touch to discuss how we can help!